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      In this program, the National Cheng Kung University and the Academia Sinica should elect a convenor to establish an executive committee. The executive committee includes the educational administration committee, the admissions committee and the student affairs committee. The both sides of member elect committee members and participate in these committees. Moreover, this program establishes an advisory committee and a selection committee to provide advice of specialized comment and future development. The operation of committees is executed by the common consensus of committees. The individual mission is as following:

Committee Mission
Advisory Committee 1. The advice of learning, education and program.
2. Providing the advice of specialized comment and fture development.
Executive Committee 1. The plan of program.
2. Engaging teacher, defining teacher's right and responsibility, developing and superintending the program.
3. The administrative affairs of accommodation and traffic for teachers.
4. Aligning the operational planning.
5. Related matters for other program.
Educational Administration Committee 1. Establishing course and arranging teachers.
2. Arranging required and optional courses.
3. Evaluating courses and providing comment.
4. Confirming qualification of graduation for Ph.D. student.
5. Tracing and checking the learning progressing of student.
6. Arranging Lab rotation.
7. Selecting advisor
8. Planning distance learningMbr.
9. Related matters for other administration.
Admissions Committee 1. Defining the standard of register.
2. Making information material for new students.
3. Engaging business for new students.
4. Deciding enrollment lists.
5. Related matters for other business.
Student Affairs Committee 1. The administrative affairs of accommodation for students.
2. Related matters for student register, orientation course and medical insurance.
3. Business of scholarship.
4. Providing the advice of courses and livelihood for students.
5. Serving advisor of new students.
6. Caring for and talking with students.
7. Related matters for other student business.

※To protect right and responsibility of members and to conform the requirement of annual evaluation, the mass participation of members in each committee (except the advisory committee) requests at least 50%.

●Organization Chart

●The members of committees are as following:

National Cheng Kung University Academia Sinica
Convenor Dr. Hwung-Hweng Hwung Dr. Chi-Huey Wong
Executive Committee Chairman Dr. Yonhua Tzeng and Dr. Chung-Hsien Wu Dr. Tei-Wei Kuo and Dr. Wen-Lian Hsu
Member Dr. Wen-Tsuen Chen, Dr. Win-Shih Liu, Dr. Yi-Bing Lin, Dr. Lionel M. NI, Dr. Cheng-Wen Wu, Dr. Chung Sheng Li and Dr. Jhing-Fa Wang.
Advisory Committee Chairman Dr. Yonhua Tzeng and Dr. Chung-Hsien Wu Dr. Tei-Wei Kuo and Dr. Wen-Lian Hsu
Member Chairman of Educational Administration Committee-Dr. Pei-Yin Chen and Dr. Mark Liao
Chairman of Admissions Committee-Dr. Shu-Mei Guo, Dr. Hsin-Min Wang and Dr. Churn-Jung Liau
Chairman of Student Affairs Committee-Dr. Pau-Choo Chung and Dr. Chu-Song Chen.
Educational Administration Committee Chairman Dr. Pei-Yin Chen Dr. Mark Liao
Member Dr. Jar-Ferr Yang and Dr. David Chang Dr. Tyng-Luh Liu and Dr. Pi-Cheng Hsiu
Admissions Committee Chairman Dr. Shu-Mei Guo Dr. Hsin-Min Wang and Dr. Churn-Jung Liau
Member Dr. Yeim-Kuan Chang and Dr. Chu-Sing Yang Dr. Chun-Chieh Shih and Dr. Tei-Wei Kuo
Student Affairs Committee Chairman Dr. Pau-Choo Chung Dr. Chu-Song Chen
Member Dr. Jung-Hsien Chiang and Jen-Fa Huang Dr. Yu-Chiang Wang and Dr. Chun-Shien Lu

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