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Credits Recognition & Credits Exemption for Ph.D Degree

2007/10/9 passed by CSIE conference
2008/12/23 revised and passed by CSIE conference

  1. In addition to the Ph.D. dissertation, the required credits for a Ph.D. degree in the Institute of CSIE are 18.
  2. For students entering NCKU after the school year of 98 (after 2009/8/1), Ph.D. students are required to enroll and pass the following elective course: ”Introduction to Computer Science, Information Engineering, and Medical Informatics.” This course is required to fulfill the graduation requirement
    (If Ph.D. students have taken “Introduction to Computer Science and Information Engineering” or “Introduction to Medical Informatics” or “Introduction to Computer Science, Information Engineering, and Medical Informatics” during their master program in CSIE institute, they do not need to take the course again. Ph.D. students graduated from other master program are required to take one of the three courses to fulfill the graduation requirement.).
  3. The rules and regulations for major elective courses are listed as follows: 12 or more credits for elective courses in the CSIE institute are required; at most 6 credits are recognized from other NCKU graduate programs. The course credits will not be recognized if the courses taken during Ph.D degree are the same as the master degree. The credits of undergraduate courses, summer remedial courses and promotional courses are not recognized. Elective courses from other NCKU graduate programs must be recognized by the curriculum committee.
  4. The rules and regulations for credit exemption are listed as follows: At most 9 credits can be exempted if students are transferred from other Ph.D. program. Elective courses credits must be recognized by the advisor, curriculum committee and the department head.
  5. Students can go to the website of the office of academic affairs to inquire the results of credit exemption.
  6. If anything is not covered in this regulation, the NCKU rules and regulations are followed.

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