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  • Venue Hire instructions

    1. Application qualification:

    Government agencies, schools, and approved filing corporation

    2. Application method:

    1. Find available time in the following web site:
    2. 自行確認申請時段,並參考附件對應場地金額填寫場地使用申請表傳真06-2747076或e-mail教室系統管理人員 (林小姐
    3. 聯絡林小姐(06) 27575757-62500-15進行場地預訂
    4. 最晚請於場地三個工作天前匯款至本校專戶(如下說明四),未匯款視同取消預訂,有疑問可聯絡(06)2757575-62500-13(陳小姐)
    ** weekend needs to hire part-time employee to open/close door ( NTD 400/day , only cash ) and off-duty hours is not included

    3. Prepare form:

    Venue hire form (reference attachment file).

    4. Payment:

    1. 請聯絡(06)2757575-62500-16(李小姐)
    2. Please remit to the account (as following) three days before reservation date . In order to help us apply for receipt and transfer money, please fax the cash remittance note to us.
      Account name:國立成功大學401專戶
      Account number:00903607114-1
      Bank of Taiwan, Tainan branch
    * Cancelation will be made if no remit is received!

    5. Remark:

    1. The demand for restoring computer in computer classroom please contact Mr. Shih (06) 27575757-62500-18 eariler.
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