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A. Origin   |   B. Goal of Establishment   |   C. Developing Directions   |  

D. Principles and characteristics   |   E. Educational goal   |   F. Core competencies   |


A. Origin

        Multimedia system and intelligent computing is a challenging research area owing to its diverse involving areas such computer information, communication, physics, math and engineering. In recent years, the base technology of information and communication engineering has been getting more and more mature. However, in response to technology development of the next generation, diverse multimedia content, intelligent application and service, and interdisciplinary integration should be the target in this age. As the consequence, future development in information area will rely on software and hardware technology of multimedia system and intelligent computing which connects people worldwide through terminal devices and the internet.

        Information industry nowadays has become one of the most valuable and promising parts in our nation. Information and communication technology serves as a powerful tool when it comes to multimedia data processing, data mining and intelligent computing. Thousands of beneficial applications such as mobile computing that allowing quick access to useful information, cloud computing which accelerates process of multimedia and provide diverse multimedia services. In medical area, EMR (Electronic Medical Record) and telecare are capable of improving medical quality and reduce cost with the help from multimedia system and intelligent computing; moreover, it can assist clinical trials and medical education in variety of ways. Therefore, utilizing multimedia system and intelligent computing to provide diversity of intelligent applications is the main topic of this educational program.

B. Goal of Establishment

        This academic program is based on the integration of cross college which becoming a strong teaching and research team on multimedia system and intelligent computing. We combine the basic research achievement of Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica and Research Center for Information Technology Innovation, and enhance the cooperation of teaching and research with Southern Taiwan Science Park professional technical team. According above, we improve the quality of teaching and research about our multimedia system and intelligent computing to accomplish the educational goal of this academic program, making our school as an international multimedia and intelligent computing research center.

C. Developing Directions

In the past few year, the overall performance of computer hardware have been sufficient to solve all kinds of complicated calculations. However, in order that users can more easily operate computer to enhance intelligent computing technology is an important trend. Intelligent computing generally refers to a computer system to allow more intelligent, more humane and more quickly process information. Through the implementation of this program, Taiwan will be able to use the new cloud technology to create intelligent life lead to take the big step the road towards technological power. In multimedia systems, since human increasing strongly need of the multimedia through mature intelligent computing, multimedia systems will be able to provide users with a richer and diversified services. For example, in the mobile multimedia applications can provide users use smartphones easily access the needed information, such as provide e-books, audio-visual and entertainment services. In the application of medical information systems, analyzing the processing of massive data required a lot of computing resources. Thus, it will play an important role in multimedia systems and intelligent computing technology.

In response to this trend, the Program will integrate National Cheng Kung University and Academia Sinica's top research faculty in multimedia systems and intelligent computing related fields is actively working towards the development of two key planning the following degree programs:

  • Multimedia Systems:
  • Research multimedia processing on the basis and theory related technologies, and train students to integrate the technologies to build capacity of multimedia systems. On applied research, in cooperation with the National Cheng Kung University Medical College developing telemedicine and other multimedia systems.

  • Intelligent computing:
  • Research intelligent computing on the basis and theory related technologies, and the ability to train students in the application of intelligent cloud computing.

    For these two on intelligent computing and multimedia systems development priorities, the Program will focus on the development of the following technologies:

    • Multimedia processing technology
    • Build multimedia content diversity and pluralism, the retrieval and mining
    • Multimedia mobile communications
    • Smart cloud computing technology

    We recruit professors from related colleges and departments and research chews from Academia Sinica and Research Center who are expertized in mobile multimedia, cloud computing, data mining, embedded system and medical Informatics. This educational program provides not only advanced interdisciplinary courses but also academic interchange to excel at each research area.

    D. Principles and characteristics

            The students are learning through the process of nurturing among teachers from different backgrounds and campus-wide school, interdisciplinary research team composed of common interdisciplinary research capabilities in training doctoral students.

            Not only emphasizes interdisciplinary learning in the course part, but also stressed the need for graduate student with campus-wide and co-advised school teachers. Students can study at the Academia Sinica and the National Cheng Kung University for learning and research. So, student can contacts diverse research partners and environment to combine different research areas thinking and technology.

    E. Educational goal

            Cultivation talents with both theory and practice, who is creative and has the international concept in multimedia systems and intelligent computing field.

    F. Core competencies

    1. Educate students with multimedia systems and interdisciplinary expertise of intelligent computing and the capability for lifelong learning.
    2. Education students for having the ability to independently research, design and innovation.
    3. Educate students for quality teamwork and the capability of international concept.


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